Kazan is a town far west of Miross. There is a bridge that connects Kazan and Miross in the world map.

Locations with interestEdit

  • Closest portal: Ces (セス). The portal is in the world map south-east of Kazan.
  • Inn: The Six Swords Pavillion's Travellers Inn (旅の宿 六剣亭). Cost 7G to sleep.
  • Treatment: Ikasu Pharmacy (イカス治療院).
  • Shops: Parakka Weapons (パラッカ武器店), Black Llama Sundries (雑貨屋 黒リャマ) and Travellers Dining Bento (弁当屋 旅人食堂).
  • Other: Kazan Palace, Guild, your house (after Operation: Recapture Kazan! (カザン奪還作戦) and Mission/Quest Office.

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