Crafty individuals from the underworld, who obliterate their enemies by any means necessary. A people hidden from the pages of history, inheriting battle skills in a unique fighting style far more complex than simply dealing mere blows to the enemy.

— Game description


Rogues are the fastest class and they have unbelievable ATK if a Samurai is in a party together with a Rogue thanks to the passive skill Casual Behavior (行往坐臥). Though, they are pretty SP intense, especially if they want Casual Behavior. There are 2 types of Rogues. Dagger and Bow Rogues. Dagger Rogues can heal and attack at the same time while Bow Rogues sits at the back row with damage reduction. There aren't much diffrence in ATK between Dagger and Bow and both deal Piercing damage.

  • Dagger Rogues notable skills are Masked Pain (マスクドペイン), Vampire (ヴァンパイア) and Scorpio/Tarantella (スコルピオ/タランテラ). Whatever Dagger Rogue your using, you definitely want Dagger Fetish (ダガーフェティッシュ). Dagger Rogues also has Sword Trap (ソードトラップ) that counters twice as damage they get.
  • Bow Rogues can pair up with a Axe Fighter for massive damage. Otherwise they can just deal good damage and inflict status ailments (sleep, confusion) or instant death.


Rogues are very hard to get together. All Rogues are SP intense especially if there's a Samurai. If you have a Samurai, max Casual Behavior for massive damage. There are many types of Rogues:

  • Assassin Rogues can be either Dagger or Bow. This Rogue levels up Footwork Mastery (フットワークマスタリ) and SPD bonus to get Hiding (ハイディング) and Trick React (トリックリアクト). Hiding will do a critical hit if it actives. This kind of Rogue is pretty SP intense, so Assassin Rogues can't be used in early game. He will need some passive skill too (Dagger Fetish and Sword mastery if you're a Dagger or Bow mastery if you're a Bow Rogue). You might want to max Hiding as fast as you get it. Dagger Rogues might want Vampire to deal with mobs. When this Rogue has full skill set he will deal massive damage with extra turns he get from Trick React. If there's a Princess you can combining Trick React with Princess React. But there's a few disadvantages:
    • It needs 2 turns preparation. One for Hiding and one for Trick React.
    • You can only use normal attacks. No skills.
    • Hiding and React will take two slots of strengthening buff. It can be hard too keep all the buffs in order if a Holy Voice Princess want to buff the whole party.
    • Trick React only lasts for 5 turns.
    • If you get hit while your Hiding, there's a 1/3 chance that you will be forced out of Hiding.
    • It activates randomly, so it relies on luck.
    • Bow Rogues must use Seeker (シーカー) often, so Dagger Rogues is a better pick. Though, Assassin Bow is faster too raise.
  • Masked Pain Rogues are Dagger Rogues that use Masked Pain → Triple Kiss. This Rogue uses the skills Masked Pain, Triple Kiss (トリプルキス), Scorpion or Tarantella, all at max. You might want Vampire for random encounters and Sand Kick (サンドキック) for Masked Pain. He also needs passive skills like Sword Mastery and Dagger Fetish. If your party uses lots of status ailments, this Rogue will make massive damage with Triple Kiss. If not, this Rogue won't be that useful. You can team up with a Axe Fighter with Balance Kill, a Princess with Temption of Revenge and Angelica Cage and a Venom Healer with Venom/Venom Mist. This Rogue is also SP intense, so this isn't available in early game.
  • Three Skills Dagger Rogue uses Vampire, Scorpio and Tarantella. He will also need passive skills like Dagger Fetish and Sword Mastery (Casual Behavior if there's a Samurai). In early game, a maxed Scorpio will be very useful and most enemies will die of poison. At mid-game and later, Scorpio won't be useful anymore and Tarantella will be much more useful. You can sail to Merllearie and buy a reset scroll if you dont mind to lose 5 levels. Scorpio will still be useful if you have a Venom Healer that uses Venom Amplief, though. This Rogue is pretty useful in the early game.
  • Bow Rogues are Rogues that sits at the back row. This Rogue can pair up with a Axe Fighter for massive damage. If you have a Fighter, use Sleep Shot (スリープショット), Dual Shot (デュアルショット) or Head Shot (ヘッドショット) and EX skill Falling Star (フォーリングスター). If you dont, use Sleep Shot or Panic Shoot. He will also need Bow Mastery (ショットマスタリー) at max. Bow Rogues must take the Seeker skill because their accuracy decreases for every attack they shot. Dual Shoot makes the accuracy decrease faster than other attacks. So be sure to pick it. They also can always take Sonic Shot and Footwork Skills.


Universal SkillsEdit

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
POW Bonus (POWボーナス) Raises physical attack and defense. - 2 10 -
SPD Bonus (SPDボーナス) Raises agility and evasion. - 1 10 -
INT Bonus (INTボーナス) Raises magic attack and magic defense. - 1 10 -

Dagger SkillsEdit

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Sword Mastery (ソードマスタリー) Raises the ATK of equipped swords and daggers. Required for higher level dagger skills. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 -
Tarantella (タランテラ) Small damage to one enemy, and small chance to inflict Paralysis. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 1
Scorpio (スコルピオ) Small damage to one enemy, and small chance to inflict Poison. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 3
Vampire (ヴァンパイア) Small damage to one enemy, and recovers LF based on the amount of damage dealt. The recovery is doubled if enemy is Bleeding. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 3
Dagger Fetish (ダガーフェティッシュ) Increases the ATK of equipped daggers only. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 5
Sword Trap (ソードトラップ) Counterattacks any enemy that damages the Rogue with physical damage. The damage of the counter is entirely based on damage the Rogue received and Sword Trap's skill level. 8 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Sword Mastery 5, POW Bonus 5
Masked Pain (マスクドペイン) Damages an enemy and inflicts Masked Pain. During Masked Pain, each status ailment the enemy receives is converted into a Pain Counter. 5 (lv1), 4 (lv2~3), 3 (lv4~5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Sword Mastery 8
Triple Kiss (トリプルキス) Large damage to an enemy with three or more Pain Counters. 4 (lv1~5), 5 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Masked Pain 3
Ecstasy Kiss (恍惚のキス) (EX Skill) Extreme damage to an enemy with five or more Pain counters. 0 (EX) 3 1 Masked Pain 5

Bow SkillsEdit

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Shot Mastery (ショットマスタリー) Raises the ATK of equipped bows. Required for higher level bow skills. - 1 (lv1~5) 2 (lv6~10) 10 -
Seeker (シーカー) Recovers the decreasing hit rate of bow attacks. 0 1 1 Shot Mastery 1
Sleep Shot (スリープショット) Small damage to one enemy, and small chance to inflict Sleep. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Shot Mastery 3
Panic Shot (パニックショット) Small damage to one enemy, and small chance to Confuse. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Shot Mastery 3
Head Shot (ヘッドショット) Medium damage to one enemy, and small chance of Instant Death. 4 (lv1~5), 5 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Shot Mastery 5
Sonic Shot (ソニックショット) Large damage to an enemy that attacks the user with a projectile or magical attack. 4 (lv1~3), 5 (4~5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Shot Mastery 5
Dual Shot (デュアルショット) Attacks a single enemy twice for small damage each hit. 4 (lv1~3), 5 (4~5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Shot Mastery 8
Falling Star (フォーリングスター) (EX Skill) Extreme damage to a single enemy after three turns. Similar to Etrian Odyssey's Apollon. 0 (EX) 3 1 Shot Mastery 10

Footwork SkillsEdit

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Footwork Mastery (フットワークマスタリ) Increases the Rogue's SPD. Required for higher level footwork skills. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 -
Sand Kick (サンドキック) High chance of inflicting Blind on a single enemy. 4 (lv1~5), 5 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Footwork Mastery 3
Replace First (リプレイスファースト) Gives up own turn to let an ally go first this turn. 4 (lv1), 3 (lv2), 2 (lv3), 1 (lv4), 0 (lv5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 Footwork Mastery 3, SPD Boost 3
Escape Stance (エスケイプスタンス) Chance of escaping from battle increased, and reduces damage taken when trying to escape. 5 (lv1), 4 (lv2), 3 (lv3), 2 (lv4), 1 (lv5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 Footwork Mastery 5
Hiding (ハイディング) Shifts to Ambush stance, which decreases the frequency the Rogue is targeted by the enemies. While in Ambush, regular attacks have a chance of becoming an Ambush attack, which deals critical hit damage. Being hit may cause the Rogue to be forced out of Ambush. 5 (lv1~3), 6 (lv4~5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Footwork Mastery 8
Sacrifice (サクリファイス) (EX Skill) Extreme damage to all enemies, and heals all allies. The Rogue will be irreplaceably gone forever, along with his equipment. 0 (EX) 3 1 -

Other SkillsEdit

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Killer's Attract (キラーズアトラクト) Increases encounter rate. 5 (lv1), 4 (lv2), 3 (lv3), 2 (lv4), 1 (lv5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 -
Rogue's Eye (ローグズアイ) After battle, there is a chance of finding money on each enemy you've defeated. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 INT Bonus 5
Casual Behavior (行往坐臥) Increases the Rogue's ATK if a Samurai is in the party. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 POW Bonus 3, INT Bonus 3
Trick React (トリックリアクト) The React status lasts for 5 turns. While the React is active, the Rogue gains an extra turn whenever Sword Trap successfully counters an attack, or when an Ambush attack is made from Hiding. 4 2 1 SPD Bonus 5


  • The Rogue Yac (Cith) appears as a main character in 7th Dragon manga.