Nevanplace is a powerful military state, Nevanplace Empire. It is found in the western continent north of a lake in the snowy field.

The native language in Nevanplace is Rushe language.

Locations with interestEdit

  • Closest portal: Loco (ロコ). It is in the world map west of Nebanplace.
  • Inn: Inn of Warmth (ぬぐもりの宿). Cost 20G to sleep.
  • ​Treatment: Zetai Pharmacy (ゼタイ治療院).
  • Shops: Hot and Cool Weapon (武器屋 ホット&クール), Best Pure Tools (道具屋 ベストピュア), Black Snow Shady Business (裏取引 ブラックスノー) and Map Shop (地図屋).
  • Other: Nevanplace empire and Quest Office.


Nevanplace is created by the people of Rushe.

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