Start Menu.

7th Dragon has a overhead perspective while traveling around and side perspective showing each characters attack enemies while battling on the upper screen on the DS. On the button screen shows the World/Dungeon/Town map, guild members during guild formation or "none" if you don't have a map for the dungeon.


  • Button A:
    • Select menu options.
    • Confirm choices.
    • Interact with the environment.
    • Increase battle speed (while held).
  • Button B:
    • Cancel (menu and battle).
    • Display character status bars (town, dungeon and world mode).
    • Walk faster (while held). This is a party skill that must first be learned.
  • Button X:
    • Toggle map zoom (world mode).
  • Button Y:
    • Open menu screen.
    • Display character status info (battle).
    • Sell entire inventory of an item (shop).
  • Button L/R:
    • Switch Between characters on certain menu screens.
  • Select:
    • Display game settings/options (while in menu screen).
  • Start:
    • End the party formation task at the Guild Office. This allows for parties containing less than four characters.


There are some menus in 7th Dragon:

Guild MenuEdit

To get to the guild menu you must talk to Elan in the Guild Office.

  1. The top alternative is when you want to create a new character. The Character Creator. Note: If you already have the maximum number of characters (16 characters) then you must delete a character to create a new.
  2. The second top alternative is when you want delete a character. The Character Deletion. When you are in this menu you can see all your characters stats and equipment on the top screen.
    • Note: BE CAREFUL WITH THIS! Carelessly deleting a character will be gone forever and there is no way to get it back. All equipment that is equipped on the character will also disappear.
  3. The alternative on the middle is Party Formation. There can you change and arrange your party. The party formation has two formations: Front row and Back row. The front row gives 100% physical ATK that your character deals and 100% DEF that you get from your enemies. The back row, however, gives 50% DEF reduction that you get and 50% physical ATK reduction you deal. So the classes that are recommended at the front row are:
    • Knights are meant to be at front row, to protect the others.
    • Fighters are also meant to be at front row, they have good DEF and physical ATK so they can be at the front row alone. But they're not specialized to be alone on the front row.
    • Rogues that use swords and daggers are placed on the front row so they can deal high damage. But they cannot take the front row by themselves because of their low DEF. But they have Vampire (ヴァンパイア) so they can restore HP. Bows are projectiles so they ignore the 50% damage drop. So they can be placed on the back row and deal full damage (and still get 50% damage reduction!). Rogues that use bows can also be placed on the front row.
    • Samurai also takes place at the front row so they can deal massive damage. But can die easily compared to the other front rower because of their low DEF.
    • Healers have very low DEF so placing them on the front row is like letting them die instantly. So placing them on the back row is recommended. Offensive Healers might have problems with being in the front row. They have so low DEF so after 1-3 hits they will instantly die. So giving them as high DEF as possible is recommended. Also, their ATK is not very good compared to the other front rowers, so giving them the strongest weapon is also recommended.
    • Mages have very low DEF, physical ATK and endurance and focuses on magical damage so they are placed on the back row. Only Mages magical damage (or items that deals magical damage) ignores the 50% ATK drop. So the Samurai and Fighters magical attacks does get affected by the 50% ATK drop.
    • Princesses are safe on the back row. Whips are considered projectiles so they ignore the 50% ATK drop (but still get the 50% DEF reduction!). So they can still attack full damage from the back row. Princesses can be placed on the front row.
    • Note: There must always be at least one character on the front row. So you can't make a party without a front rower.
  4. The fourth alternative is where you can rearrange character grind.
  5. The last alternative is where you exit from the guild menu. Note: you can also just press B to exit from the guild menu.

Y MenuEdit

This menu can be opened while traveling. To the left is where your options is and to the right shows your party, guild's name, amount of money you have etc.

  1. The "Item" alternative is where you can check and use some of your item that you received. The maximum amount of items you can carry is 100.
    • Note: Key items (Portal Keys etc.) does not take place of your 100 item bag. Equipment can be equipped and Recovery items can be used from the bag.
  2. The "Skill" alternative is where you can check your characters and party skills and use some of your characters skills (like healing, field skills etc.).
  3. The "Status" alternative is where you can see your party's stats (LIFE, MANA, ATK, DEF, POW, INT and SPD) and how much EXP you have, how much EXP you need to get to the next level and how many EX Gauges you have left (maximum 3 EX) and what equipped weapon/armor/accessories you have equipped. The stats POW (Power), INT (Intelligence) and SPD (Speed) gives different effects. Your max LIFE and MANA will increase by 1 or every level you level.


  1. The "Equip" alternative is where you can equip, unequip and compare equipment you have. 
  2. The "Costume" alternative is where you can upgrade character skills and learn new by spending SP (Skill Points). All classes have three stat increasing passive skills (POW, INT and SPD). All these skills have 10 as max level .At level 1, you'll start with 3 SP. Then every level you level you'll get 1 SP. And for every fifth level you'll get 2 SP up till level 75. If you want to reset your skills you can buy the Ocean Bead of Oblivion (忘却の海玉) in Merlleaire. But, you will drop 5 level, so you will lose 6 SP (or 5 if you're over level 75).
  3. The "Party" alternative is where you can rearrange your current team with front and back row and switch party leader.

Battle MenuEdit

The battle menu shows your character and the options are in a circle around the character. The menu has 7 different options.

  1. The "Attack" option is the normal attack. It has a sword as a emblem and deals physical damage. EX will affect this.
  2. To the right of "Attack" is "Guard". It has a shield as a emblem and the character will take 50% less damage. Even though you're slower than your enemy, you will still get 50% less damage. EX will not affect this.


  1. To the right of "Guard" is "Skill". It has a staff as a emblem and there is were all your active skills is. All offensive and status inflicting skills will get affected by EX, while buffs won't get affected by EX. Also some recovery skills (Cure, Craft Mana etc.) will be affected by skills (does not include regeneration). Note: If you don't have any active skills, you can't open the option.
  2. To the right of "Skill" is "Item". It has a pouch as a emblem and there is where your recovery and combat items is.
  3. To the right of "Item" is "Front/Back". It has a "switch-place" emblem. If you make all your characters rear to the back row everyone will stay there to the end of the round. Then everyone will get to the front row.
  4. To the right of "Item" is the "EX". It has a light as a emblem and when you select it, a light golden dust will surround the character. Note: If you used EX and regret it, you can press B and get back the EX. And If you used EX but didn't get to act that turn (because of fear, paralysis etc), you won't lose your EX. ​EX is a limited boost that gives many different effects:
    • EX will give you a big SPD bonus, so you can rely that you will act first when using EX.
    • You'll get a ATK bonus, so you will deal more damage.
    • You'll get a damage reduction.
    • Recovery skills will heal more.
    • If you use a skill with a status ailment, it will have a higher success rate.
    • Enemies status ailments will have lesser chance to affect you.
    • You can use EX skills that only can be used with EX.
    • Your success rate to run away will increase.
  5. To the right of "EX" and left to "Attack" is "Escape". It has a shoe as a emblem. It allows the character to escape from the battle.

Party SkillsEdit

Party skills are group-wide skills that are always in effect.

If you want to see your Party Skills, go to the menu and select "Skill" or "Status" and select the guild's name by pressing "Up". Then select "A".



Dungeon in Rolakka Mountain Cave.

Traveling skills are party skills that allows the party to unlock game features like:

  • Walking faster on World/Towns/Dungeon map (Speedy Travel (高速旅法)).
  • Using maps in dungeons (Map-Making (地図製作)).
  • How to sense random encounters (Danger Sense (危機感知)). Note: The Danger Sense looks like a flower with six petals on the right-top screen on the upper screen of the DS. To unlock Traveling skills you must clear specific quests.


Boating skills allows you to unlock boating features like:

  • Traveling faster when riding a boat (Fast Steering (高速操舵))
  • Traveling on the northern sea (North Sea Navigation (北海操舵)).
  • Traveling on the southern seas (South Sea Navigation (南海操舵)).

​Boating skills can be unlocked by buying the skills from the pirates in Zeza.


Linguistic/Language skills are party skills that let you learn different languages in Eden. There are three languages:

  • Aizo Language (アイゾ言語).
  • Rushe Language (ルシェ言語).
  • Marllero language (マレロ言語).

​These languages can be learned by clearing specific quests.


Negotiation skills are party skills that let you unlock negotiation related features like:

7thDragon Perspective 11

In Kazan Republic

  • Paying 10% gold lesser when shopping items (Purchase Negotiation (購入交渉)).
  • Selling 10% gold more when selling items (Selling Negotiation (売却交渉)).
  • Access to the Black Market trader in Nevanplace (Backroom Deal (裏取引)).

Gathering SkillsEdit


You can gather items from certain shiny nodes in various dungeons to get items you wouldn’t normally find anywhere else. You won’t be able to see the nodes until you get the corresponding gather ability. There are three gathering techniques:

  • Mining (for rock/minerals).
  • Investigation (for plants).
  • Ruins (gives textual information).

In addition to using these for money, some are required to unlock weapons and others are required to complete quests. You begin with the ability to gather five times a day, which can be augmented through completing certain quests and/or with the Healer skill “Great Worker”.

Investigation skills can be bought in Pleroma for 5000G or by completing specific quests.


Gathering skills allows you to increase the amount gathering per day you can get. There are 3 "Labour classes":

  • Light-Class Labour (軽級労働).
  • Medium-Class Labour (中級労働).
  • Heavy-Class Labour (重級労働).

Light-Class Labour can be unlocked by clearing the first prologue mission. Medium-Class and Heavy-Class Labour can be unlocked by clearing specific quests.