Flowaro is a flower species that arrived and bloomed through the dragon's invasion of earth.


After the Prologue, Dragons will invade earth and poisonous Flowaro will start to grow all over the world (including the sea and snowy areas).


When you step two times on a Flowaro (they're 2x2 panels big) they will disappear and you will lose 2% of your LIFE. You can prevent the loss of LIFE with the Knight skill Walk Safe or just use a item.

Some Flowaro won't disappear by just 2 steps. Sometimes if it takes really many steps you will encounter a Flowaro Seed. It will try to run away as fast as possible so use EX and kill it (or you just can use Replace First). If you manage to kill it you will gain 50% EXP. 

Flowaro also affects the local economy. At the shops menu you can see a parameter that shows how much the price has raised from 100% to x%. You can lower the price by clearing Flowaro that's surrounding the town.

After you have cleared all Flowaro in Eden (including dungeons) you will receive the Empress Crown (エンプレスクラウン). 

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