Kanji エメラデ
Rōmaji Emerade
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Game First Scene in Miross (after Prolouge)

Emerade (エメラデ, Emerade) is the loved queen of Miross.

Appearance Edit

Emerade is a woman with brown curly hair and she wears a big white hat with a big pearl on it.


She loves everything about Miross and is a very loved queen. She is very curious about how it looks like outside the castle.


  • Voulg: Voulg serves Emerade and is very protective to her. He doesn't like that she's so curious about Miross and wants to stop her behavior.
  • Griff: Griff serves the queen.


In her sub-quest, she wants to sneak out of the castle and explore Miross.


After Dead Black, the sub-quest Miross' Queen (ミロスの女王) will be unlocked. To complete the sub--quest you must have defeated the boss Haze (ヘイズ) and have at least one female character in your party. When you're done with the sub-quest you will be awarded with the shield Aegis. She also says if examine the grave in Barolian Great Woods (バロリオン大森林) you can find the legendary Knight weapon Caliburn (キャリバーン).

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