Template:Infobox CharacterEmerade (エメラデ, Emerade) is the loved queen of Miross.

Appearance Edit

Emerade is a woman with brown curly hair and she wears a big white hat with a big pearl on it.


She loves everything about Miross and is a very loved queen. She is very curious about how it looks like outside the castle.


  • Voulg: Voulg serves Emerade and is very protective to her. He doesn't like that she's so curious about Miross and wants to stop her behavior.
  • Griff: Griff serves the queen.


In her sub-quest, she wants to sneak out of the castle and explore Miross.


After Dead Black, the sub-quest Miross' Queen (ミロスの女王) will be unlocked. To complete the sub--quest you must have defeated the boss Haze (ヘイズ) and have at least one female character in your party. When you're done with the sub-quest you will be awarded with the shield Aegis. She also says if examine the grave in Barolian Great Woods (バロリオン大森林) you can find the legendary Knight weapon Caliburn (キャリバーン).