Aizhen can be found south of the portal Pako and is sorrounded in trees. Aizhen consist of two parts, a rich part and a poor part (Aizhen Slums).

The native language in Aizhen is Aizo.

Locations with interestEdit

  • Closest portal: Pako (パコ). The portal is in the world map north of Aizhen.
  • Inn: Water Lily's Resting place (お休処 睡蓮). Cost 14G to sleep.
  • Treatment: Rikym Pharmacy (リキム治療院).
  • Shops: Luxurious and Brilliant Weapons (武器屋 豪華絢爛), Variety Implaments (道具屋 種々雑多) and Map Shop (地図屋).
  • Other places: Aizhen Palace, Resistance Headquarter and Quest Office.


Aizhen has the oldest history of all cities in Eden. It is a large country proud of its own culture, they are master of the ancient sword, "katana" and is the hometown to Samurai.

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