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Due to the lack of translators, some translations for 7th Dragon, 7th Dragon 2020 and 7th Dragon 2020-II are taken from various sources, such as wikidot and Cavespeak's fan translations.


The objective for all games in this series is simple: kill all dragons. Coming from outer space, these dragons has invaded Earth and made it uninhabitable by spreading a toxic plant species called Dragonsbane. The human race is facing extinction; only the Dragon Hunters can save humanity.

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2020 Drama & Visual Collection Disc

Cover art of 7th Dragon 2020 Drama & Visual Collection Disc.
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"Crafty individuals from the underworld, who obliterate their enemies by any means necessary. A people hidden from the pages of history, inheriting battle skills in a unique fighting style far more complex than simply dealing mere blows to the enemy."

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